JGGSM-4000+Full Auto SIM Card Punching Machine

Equipment Process Use

This machine is used in punching SIM card based on ISO standard size


● The punching mold is operated by servo system to keep the low noise and working stable and reliable.
● Double cards detection to keep the life span of mold longer..
● Front and back card detection can ensure the accurate rate of punching result
● The unique positioning structure is able to work for various Non-ISO size cards..
● The accurate optical sensor monitoring can ensure the right positioning structure.
● Double card collection can achieve the Non-ISO card to be received automatically.
● The card is transited by servo system control which is safer and more stable.
● The simple software interface is easier for mechanical operation and maintenance.
●The unique loader structure can avoid the double card transiting cause of electrostatic.
●This machine is able to work for single chip in one card, dual chips in one card, etc.

Technical Parameters

    Dimension: L*W*H= 2140 mm x 900 mm x 2200mm
    Weight: about 1000kg
    Electric:  AC220V 50/60HZ 20A
    Power: 4.0KW
    Compress Air: 6 kg/cm2
    Air Consumption: 100L/min
    Control Method: Servo located + PLC control
    Servo Precision: X, Y=0. 0125mm
    Tolerance: 0. 01mm
    Operator: 1 person
    Output: half card>14000 SIM/hour    ISO-ID1>14000 card/hour

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