JGPH-5000 Full Auto Card Punching Machine

Equipment Process Use

Controlled by automatical PLC software, this machine will firstly achieve vertical search positioning by high sensitive fiber sensor with two groups stepping system, and then arrive horizontal positioning and feeding by double sever motor drive of imported high precision ball screw module. The working speed is fast and accuracy is high (not affected by shape and size of material)


●High sensitivity positioning sensor of imported high precision ball screw feeding. Parameter of each punching point position can be adjusted.
●By high-power servo motor to punch, this machine works in low noise and stable dynamics. Punching speed is adjustable which may keep the result better for different thickness cards.
●Advanced sheet transfer system and electro-static eliminate system can make the material feeding stably.
●Double servo-drive ball screw module can transfer card in higher speed and more efficient.
●Advanced collection system can collect card separately for different mold. It’s no need to sorting cards by combined layout and the speed is very good and reliable.
●Waste material can be collected automatically by mechanical arm.
●Automatical operation, double card, card feeding, etc are detected by PLC software automatically. When abnormal happens, the machine will stop and alarm automatically.

Technical Parameters

    Dimension: L3000×W1240×H1750mm       
    Weight: about 1800kgs         
    Electric: AC 380V/50 HZ            
    Power: 7.5KW             
    Compress Air: 6 kg/cm2
    Air Consumption: about 150L/min
    Control Method: PLC control+Servo system       
    Tolerance: ±0.1mm       
    Operator: 1 person        
    Output:   12000-18000pcs/h for 3*8         
                  16000-24000pcs /h for 4*8          
                  20000-30000pcs /h for 5*5          
    suitable layout:3*8/4*8/5*5

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