JGBC-1200+ Automatic hot-type machine-mounted magnetic stripe

Equipment Process Use

This machine is designed for mounting peel-able magnetic stripe onto overlay in roll, especially for overlay with glue


●PLC control and touch screen HMI.
●Feeding, running speed and film length feeding are controlled by servo motor. Parameter is adjustable to ensure stable and accurate
●Several groups of roller compaction device and adjustable cylinder pressure ensure the stripes parallelly and orderly.
●Magnetic strip plate are collected by system automatically.
●Gas finale feeding system makes the film loading and uploading more convenient.
●The temperature is controlled by heating tube and imported temperature sensor to keep the accuracy.
●Temperature and pressure of each magnetic stripe head can be set separately.
●Automatic tension control system keeps the feeding of film stable and flat.
●Magnetic mounted process can achieve from roll to sheet or sheet to sheet

Technical Parameters

    Dimension: L2850×W1200×H1800mm
    Weight: about 1500kgs
    Electric: AC 380V/50 HZ
    Power: 8.5KW
    Control Method: PLC control+Servo located
    Tolerance: ±0.15mm
    Operator: 1 person
    Output: 10-12 meters/min
    Suitable layout: 3*8/4*8/5*5
    Temperature range: 0-400 ℃
    Magnetic stripe number: 5-8 pieces

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