JGMI Semi-automatic packaging machines

Features●The hot melt heated pasted onto the chip, and the chip punching down。●Temperature, time, pressure can be adjusted。●Finished collected automatically, simple operation, easy to adjust。

JGMC Semi-automatic punching machine chip

Features●Mechanical automatic operation, to achieve chip punching。●The number of punching automatic counting。●Finished collected automatically, simple, flexible and easy to use。

JGLM-8000 Automatic gum machine

Function lt's used for sticking adhesive tape onto the modules. Features 

JGGSM-3000+ Automatic SIM punching machine

Function This machine is used in punching SIM card based on ISO standard size. Features 

JGFHM-6000+Full Auto Module Implanting Machine

FunctionThis machine is used to check, glue and cut to implant various types of chips into the milled cavity of contact smart card body.

JGDZ-2000+ Semi-automatic machine stacked sheets

FunctionThis machine is used for sheet folding and fixing regarding different thickness of material as PVC/PETG/ABS/PC.


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