JGPL-4000+ Automatic issuing machine

Used to automatically read and write IC card information.

JGPH-5000 Full Auto Card Punching Machine

FunctionControlled by automatical PLC software, this machine will firstly achieve vertical search positioning by high sensitive fiber sensor with two groups stepping system, and then arrive horizontal positioning and feeding by double sever motor drive of imported high precision ball screw module. The working speed……

JGPH-3000A Automatic single minute card punch card machine

Equipment and technology useThe machine uses a touch screen friendly man-machine interface, servo punch for punching power. High sensitivity photoelectric sensor system with two sets of vertical search stepper and servo motors to position the cursor import gapless ball screw horizontal cursor location and the searc……

JGPH-3000+ Ordinary punch card machine

FunctionThe machine is designed with friendly HMI and servo punch. It can position material by X axis using high sensitivity photoelectric sensor with two groups of stepping system  and Y axis using zero clearance ball screw. the positioning tolerance is less than 0.10 mm, no affected by edge shape. It is espe……

JGMI Semi-automatic packaging machines

Features●The hot melt heated pasted onto the chip, and the chip punching down。●Temperature, time, pressure can be adjusted。●Finished collected automatically, simple operation, easy to adjust。


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